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What is Sound Therapy?

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. Everyone has the ability to heal.

How Sound Healing works

Everything in the Universe is made of Energy, manifesting as atoms, which vibrate over an incredibly wide range of frequencies. Though most of the atom is 'empty space', the nucleus has a positive electrical charge, and the electrons a negative electrical charge.

The ordering principle behind the complex functions of the body down to the chemical workings of a cell, is controlled by information which does not reside either in matter or in the cell, but outside of it.

It has been recognised for centuries that the body has centres of energy which vibrate at specific frequencies. When sounds are made during sound therapy sessions, healing and balancing intention can be projected on the healer's breath or by vibrations of instruments.

"If everything is vibration, it makes sense to treat vibration with vibration". (Eileen McKusick)



Music, rhythm, tone and vibration serve to organise matter, creating structure in time and space. Different parts of our bodies have their own sonic signature. All the organs of our bodies inter-communicate with their respective energy centres.

Co-ordination, cardiovascular efficiency, blood pressure, body temperature, hormone secretion, sleep cycles etc are all subject to the natural periodicity of Circadian rhythm where physical, mental and behavioural changes roughly follow a 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism's environment.


Although imbalances occur in historical sequence, symptoms can accumulate that result in a decreasing flow of life energy in certain locations, if not corrected. When in a deep state of relaxation during treatment, the background mental chatter frequently abates entirely as the so called 'thinking mind' is uncoupled. In this timeless state, where clock time consciousness does not interfere with our 'inner being', the whole gamut of existent historical symptoms can be accessed and re-balanced. Channels of communication open from the undistorted 'blueprint' of the healthy functioning organism. In this way the cumulative effect that may result in a greater disorder if not treated, is neutralised.

Water and Cymatics

The building blocks of the body are cells. The primary constituent of cells is water, which accounts for 65% of the body by volume and 98% by molecules! Sound is transmitted better through the skin, nerves, bones and organs of the body, than it is through air.
Studies of whale communication throughout the oceans have shown that water is an excellent conductor of vibration. Cymatics is the science of sound made visible. Harmonic sounds produce the most beautiful patterns in water that clearly reflect the world of creation in plant forms. There have also been many scientific experiments that have shown that not only does water respond to thought imprints, but it also has memory!

Check out some of Dr Masaru Emoto's photographs and look at the water crystals that have had Love thoughts projected towards them ... and remember how much of our body is water!

People attending heavy metal rock concerts feel certain parts of their body trembling or vibrating in sync to the sounds. Images of water exposed to heavy metal look chaotic and without any sense of harmonic pattern.


Vibrational medicine is based on the idea that a tuned string on a musical instrument will resonate with anything tuned to the same frequency. When the subtle energy fields that underlie the functions of a physical body are out of tune with each other, they can literally be re-tuned by the process of entrainment, which adjusts the internal rhythm of the organism by synchronising it with the transmitted intention. It is not without reason that convalescence by the sea is aided by the natural, soothing rhythm of wave sound.


The subtle additional frequencies of each note, referred to as Harmonics, can be found in all matter and are also reflected in the more complex bodies which are built from the same material.
Therefore the higher pitched harmonics, which are in ratio with each other, resonate not only at the cellular physical level but also in the subtle energy fields around the cells. The vibrations directed to the emotional, mental bodies and refined layers of matter, are in turn reflected back into the physical.



Intervals are spaces between 2 different vibrations. When a series of notes sequentially accompany a drone, the different intervals created affect different emotions. When used in treatment or sound bath, the effect is to balance a range of emotions between the scale of various tensions and senses of release, so that one or another emotion is not entirely dominant. And as all bodies have different fundamental vibrations, it can be seen that different Intervals exist between everyone ... some harmonic and others dissonant.


Intention and Mantra

Scientifically controlled, web-based experiments have tested and proved the power of intention.
Prayer adds to the potency and attunement with subtle vibrations, which naturally affect the matter of the subtle bodies to which the gross physical body is attached. By acting above the audible sound wave spectrum, prayer taps into the inspiration behind the actual words, creating a dynamic energy that is not narrowed by personal experience.
The subtle vibrations of vocalised Mantra act beyond the audible frequency of the human ear. Those who have experienced transcendent realities through the repetition of certain sounds will know that energy anatomy is as real as physical anatomy.

Conduct the Orchestra!

The entire workings of the body, mind and emotions all operate in, what is to us, silence. In making the analogy of an orchestra, where some of the instruments are to a greater or lesser extent out of tune, the aim is to balance and harmonise the instruments so that the conductor can utilise this incredible re-tuned silent orchestra to best advantage.

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