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One to One Sound Healing

The patient firstly acknowledges they are entering a sacred space by turning off their mobile phone, which symbolises that they are beyond the reach of external worldly influences. Trust is established as the energies of the healer attune with those of the recipient, which allows a safe space for discussion. The patient lies on a therapy couch to receive some gentle stretching exercises with the hands, plus vocal guidance. All treatments end with the therapist grounding the patient back to earth. Like the air blown through a flute, the therapist is but a channel, through which healing energy will flow. All sound arises out of what we refer to as Silence and ebbs back into the same. There are periods of silence to allow the space to absorb the healing frequencies. We actually absorb sound. We might make the analogy of blotting paper absorbing water.

Four different one to one treatments

1. Basic Sound Healing Treatments

The therapists uses their hands to attune with and detect any areas of imbalance before sounding into the back of the body. Tuning forks are sounded around the body to clear 'blocked energy'. Healing energy is first projected into the back for 5-7 minutes.

After further light stretching, the patient receives sound from the tuning forks close to the right and left ear, which serves to re-tune the body's nervous system and deepen relaxation. With one hand under the sacrum and the other bellow the base of the neck, through intuition and intention, the therapist projects loving, healing energy.

Finally, the therapist grounds the patient, closing and separating their respective energy spheres.

3. Sa Re Ga Treatment

Without a drone, consecutive intervals are sounded to resonate with the main energy centres as each phrase ascends through the scale. As the energy centres intercommunicate, the organs of the body and their related emotions harmonise.

4. Bija Mantra Treatment

This deepest treatment of the series sounds a different Sanskrit syllable into each chakra. The therapist focuses on the symbols and colours for each chakra, and also their attendant elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound and Ether. This action orders, integrates and re-balances the constituent physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.

2. Musical Intervals Treatment.

The therapist sounds an ascending scale over a constant drone to arrive at the octave of the drone. Each note creates a different ratio/interval with the drone. The body and emotions are extremely sensitive to the harmonic intervals created.

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