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The great love throughout my life has been for Art. It is wonderful to be part of this tradition and lineage.

Underpinning my artistic researches and endeavours there has been a deep interest in spiritual themes existent across many lands and climes. This has been most rewarding and given insight into many subtle aspects of being. Truly, walking the spiritual path has been likened by some to walking on the edge of a knife.


During this time I studied Pythagorean Arithmetic, and, whilst it is a fascinating subject, after several years came to the conclusion that I was little wiser. It was only when I came to investigate sound, frequency and vibration that I better connected with the science of numbers and Creation.

The link between the Great Cosmic Breath, as that which imparts and vivifies matter and life throughout the Universe, and Sound Healers, is that they are microcosmic reflections of the Great Cosmic Breath and can intentionally project 'healing' through their 'breath'.


I was first drawn to sound when I discovered a woman living close by who, amazingly, had a Monochord chair (It was Pythagoras who developed his arithmetic system based on the observations derived from an instrument with just one string ... subsequently termed the Monochord). The Monochord chair had 30 strings attached to the length of the solid wooden back of the chair, all tuned to the same note, which resonates with incredible vibration into the back. The same woman kindly agreed to give a treatment, along with her other instruments to a seriously ill friend.

This opened a door to an entirely new perspective for my young friend ... that there was more to life than she had ever previously guessed. The expression on her face after the treatment was so radiant that I knew that sound therapy was for me. Here was something that I knew I could incorporate, along with my life experience, that would enable me to help others overcome some of the obstacles that prevent them from finding fulfilment in the development of their being. Many thanks always Adrienne for your kindness in giving that treatment to Leanne.


I was soon smitten with the desire to understand more about the changes that Sound Healing could bring about and enrolled to train with the College of Sound Healing. This was a fabulous experience, but just the beginning of a deeper exploration and understanding. In the abundant windows of the spiritual and therapeutic marketplace, I have engaged with many other modalities over the years, but was most intrigued with Yoga, Cranio-sacral Therapy and the Alexander Technique, which latter subject many practitioners would claim as 'a way of being'.

However with sound healing I have been given the gift of passing on to others how better to understand our true nature, which lies beneath the 'noise' of contemporary life. It has become crystal clear just how the debilitating stresses, so prevalent throughout society, can lead to more serious disorders.

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