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April 7th, 2020

The general perception by the majority of people seems to be that Sound Healing is a bit of a fluffy therapy that relaxes you and helps you feel good for a day or two. But there is a vast amount of research and evidence that goes into far, far greater depth on the topic than is realised, even by those who have had several encounters with any of the branches Vibrational Therapeutics.
For those of you that might be interested in a more substantial insight into some of the theory behind the Sound modality, the following article by Eileen Day McKusic, founder of the Biofield Tuning method, offers, what will be for many people, a more in depth and unusual perspective on the health dilemma that we are currently experiencing.
A radical scientific insight into the foundations behind Eileen’s work can be found in Donald Scott’s book ‘The Electric Sky’.

'Most people look at health through the lens of "particles" and "chemistry". However, in actuality, there is no such thing as a particle - it is an artifact of our senses of perception that are decoding electromagnetic signals and essentially projecting a hologram of "reality".
Ultimately, there is nothing "out there" other than fluctuations in the unified field.
When we look at health and our environment and consider it from the perspective of "coherent vibrations" which are the properties of stable systems, and "incoherent vibrations" which are the properties of unstable systems, health is a coherent state and disease is an incoherent state.
We become incoherent from being exposed to "noise", which then creates noise in our own signals. This noise can be environmental pollution that corrupts our ability to connect to the coherence of nature; it can be from the people around us who are also filled with noise; and it can come from our own minds, reacting with fear and other energetically destructive emotional responses to perceived threats.
We become coherent by being exposed to beauty, nature, kindness, compassion, love, play, gratitude, laughter, abundant sunshine and clean air, hugs and other things that nourish and sustain us. The more coherent our inputs, the more resilient our systems.
A system that is strongly coherent will naturally harmonize any incoherent inputs. An already incoherent system will be further destabilized by incoherent inputs. The key to successfully navigating an incoherent environment is to seek to avail yourself to as many coherent inputs as possible.

Feb 25, 2020

Here are some videos of the reactions of children and teenagers, who were born deaf, when they hear for the very first time after receiving Cochlear Implants. Some of their reactions are incredible, because sound was something completely beyond any conception for them. Watch them when they are ‘let in on the secret’ that all us hearing people take for granted. One of the things we take for granted with sound, is the 3 dimensional awareness it helps us construct (which, incidentally, is one of the things sound baths re-present to us). Some are very moving.



The next 2 are compilations presenting several children. There is one of a 1 year old, whose smile is priceless.


This one’s titled ‘Hearing my husband say I love you for the first time’

Apr 12, 2019

People are becoming increasingly unconscious to the soundscape that surrounds them in day to day life, and the detrimental effect, of which they are unaware, that this has on their inner balance.

Another consideration is the underestimation of the deleterious effect and interference that the Electromagnetic Frequencies of mobile phones, routers and various other items of household electrical equipment have on our personal magnetic fields. It is vital that you do everything you can to protect the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body.



And of course, listen to harmonic music, hum, sing (especially in the shower), tone and laugh ... or even better, tune up with a relaxing,
soothing, healing sound bath once a month!

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