1. Open Sound Baths on the last Sunday of every month at 'The Vault' in Wallsend. Cost £10 each. Please complete and submit the booking form for payment details.

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2. Pain Free Living sessions. Cost £15.00 per hour. £10 per half hour. Discounts for series of 6 or more one hour sessions. Pre-treatment diagnosis £20.

3. One to One Sound Healing sessions usually last 90 minutes. Cost £35.

4. Biofield Tuning sessions usually last 90 minutes. Cost £35.

5. Private Sound Baths for a maximum of 5 people. Duration of session varies between 60 - 75 minutes. The charge is £55 irrespective of numbers ... so if you arrange a session for 5 people, everyone contributes £11 each. Why not consider booking a sound bath event for a friend or relative?

Treatments 2 to 5 are in the picturesque village of Hawthorn, County Durham.