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"I feel that I really do absorb the sounds, and it feels the same on the inside as it does on the outside receiving it. Totally relaxed but sleepy".

"My perception of time is often altered, particularly if I have fallen into a deeper sleep. Usually, when the session draws to a close, it feels like less time has passed than an hour. However, during the session, I tend to feel unaware of time as a concept, as I am so immersed in and enthralled by the profound feelings of intense warmth and experiences of another world".

"I go to lots of places during the session. Often I find myself near the sea listening to the waves gently lapping on the shore. I also have a sense of the sun shining on my body and vibrant surrounding colours".

"I always feel transported during therapy sessions or sound baths. I find this a deeply satisfying means of escaping from what is quite often a very stressful life. No matter how troubling, I always feel able to forget any concerns that I face in the outside world and thus enjoy living in the present moment. During sound baths in particular, I feel as if I have travelled to a place beyond this world, physically indescribable but spiritually a place that is safe".


"After the sessions, I would describe my mind as being peaceful and clear. I find that the Sound Baths influence my perception of my surroundings by reminding me to live in the moment rather than the inner monologues of my mind. This always has a lasting, positive impact as I feel motivated to be the happiest and fullest version of myself. I feel more confident in preventing my worries from consuming me and thus a freer spirit. However, over time I fall victim to the stresses in my life and often revert to exacerbating issues by blowing them out of proportion in my mind, and so I feel that my monthly attendance to the Sound Baths is not only enjoyable but also necessary".

"I am more calm, clear and balanced. The overall effect of the sound bath was soothing  and extremely cathartic".

"Overall, the Sound Bath sessions have had a beneficial effect on my being, both physically and mentally. Mentally, I feel and less shackled by external pressures, a result I personally consider to be the most useful. Physically, I feel relaxed and revived by the treatment which aids me in overcoming typical feelings of exhaustion during the week".

"After the sound bath I often re-imagine the places I go to during the session and how I felt in such spots. For this reason I would most definitely describe the vibrations absorbed as 'healing' ".

"Given the vibrations often create a sense of weightlessness and freedom, I believe the sound vibrations to be very healing to my state of mind".

"I think it sometimes feels that my internal parts enjoy the vibrations and I sense there are healing consequences from this ‘movement’.
From my experiences, the sessions have a harmonising effect, and would prefer to use the terms 'healing' or 'harmonising' rather than 'treatment' as I feel the latter is too clinical for a process I believe to be spiritual. For me, the word 'healing' implies a restoration of health, but an ongoing process rather than a quick remedy"


"I believe sound work integrates body, mind and spirit because I feel transported to a place beyond this world by the sessions and this helps me to feel in touch with my spiritual self".

"Sound treatment really highlights the chaos of worldly life. However, at the same time, it also provides the tools in which to find a better balance".

"The experience of Sound work is the polar opposite to my usual everyday life. There is an alignment between mind, body and spirit that is brought about during my later recollections of where I have 'been'. Integrating Sound work into everyday life is an ongoing process and not a 'quick fix' solution that perhaps just 'papers over the cracks', so to speak".

"I realise I need to find more spaces during my day to re-imagine experiences from my sound bath sessions, and thereby further integrate this wonderful awareness into daily living".

"I feel it is extremely important for a person to be in harmony with themselves and their ever day environments. In today's climate it is very difficult to achieve harmony, therefore, any therapy that helps one to at least start a journey towards such a state can only be beneficial to their health".

"It seems to me it would be common sense that things will work better when in harmony".

"My one to one Sound healing session was incredible. I felt that I had levitated and was just floating gently in the air for over 10 minutes until David slowly brought me back. He assured me afterwards that I had not left the therapy table, but what happened was my consciousness had risen".

"During my tuning fork therapy sessions, the vibrations often create a sense of being weightless and separate from my surroundings. Despite my initial, typical states of unrest, the sound soon makes me feel calm and relaxed. Sometimes, the vibrations created by the forks create a subtle but intensely soothing feeling of motion, as if i am floating in a gentle lapping sea or lolling on a fluffy cloud in a light spring breeze".

"Effects I have had from Biofield Tuning on a general level are that I’ve slept better at night. Don’t wake as much and when I do, am able to get back to sleep pretty quickly".

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