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Biofield Tuning


Have you ever wondered how the same thoughts of past events continue to slip into your awareness again and again? You may have frequent reminders of painful, sorrowful, anxious or emotional events, which continue to live on within you. Biofield tuning accesses and releases the electrical charge that is attached to emotional and traumatic events in the magnetic field that surrounds you. The events of your life from  birth to the present moment are found in specific locations surrounding your body.

Every being has a magnetic field around their body, rather like the rings of a tree, in which the life history is stored. Because sound has magnetic qualities, we can use tuning forks to locate and release the energy that is attached to the records of past events. The released energy, which has often been  stuck in the Biofield for many years, is returned to you. The effect of this is that you feel more energised and free from the trauma or pain associated with a particular event.

Biofield Tuning can undo negative conditions, imbalances and disorders, such as over-thinking about the past, our circumstances, depression, sadness, fatigue, anxiety, worry, headaches, stress, guilt, confusion, anger, PTSD, attachment, letting go, addiction, fibromyalgia, arthritis, abuse etc. Any of these can develop into more serious disorders for us. Biofield Tuning releases all the vitality that these disorders absorb back into your system for positive use and change. If not released, the energy would otherwise remain attached to these events.

The treatment is carried out while the patient lies on a therapy couch and can last for over an hour while tuning forks are sounded around the patient. You can have just one treatment, though a course of 3 treatments will give the opportunity to uncover more events from the past that are holding you back from a fuller life and the realisation of what you really are, whilst removing the fictions of what you are not. It is a simple, non-invasive method that can produce profound and powerful results. For some people, I have facilitated the release from a lifetime of negative conditions and apparent obstacles, by opening the door to a lighter, positive and happier present, in which they are better enabled to write their own destiny.

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