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Pain Free Living

Cymatherapy treatments utilise cutting edge Sound Science, delivered through the Acoustic Meridian Intelligence device, to make Pain Free Living a possibility! Cymatics is sound made visible.

This may seem a bold statement to make, but after just a few months of using this equipment, my test cases have proved this to be a realistic claim.

Sound is delivered in the form of pictures through the body's Meridians. This has the effect on the individual cell membranes of re-awakening the cells to their specific, integrated function, according to the body's blue print. It is the medicine of the future.



The treatments are given over a 6 week period, usually with 2 or 3 treatments per week, each lasting up to an hour. Some conditions may require fewer treatments. Your treatment consists of placing your feet or hands on the unit, whilst you sit or lie on a treatment couch and absorb the vibrations.

The Mission Statement is to bring Pain Free Living to the world. Not only can we make Pain Free Living a realistic possibility, but the health benefits from the Vitality and Anti-Aging/Facial Rejuvenation are great too.

AMI 750 copy.jpg

Cymatherapy addresses: the various mental, emotional and physical stresses, through to the more chronic kinds of conditions like depression and anxiety.


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